18th & Kellogg Reservoir Replacement (P1810)

Project Description

The existing 10 million gallon 18th  Kellogg Reservoir Map Opens in new windowconcrete reservoir, generally located northwest of S Irving Street and Creekstone Drive, has expended 75% or more of its expected useful life and is in need of replacement. This storage reservoir provides gravity service to residents located within the City’s pressure Zone 2, as well as pumped service to pressure Zones 3, 4, & 5 above. All residents within the Creekstone community are located within pressure Zone 3, which receives water pumped from this 10 million gallon reservoir. The 10 million gallons of storage equates to just under 1/3 of the City’s total water storage and cannot be taken offline for an extended period and therefore requires a new storage facility be constructed immediately adjacent prior to decommissioning the existing facility.

Based on the City’s most recent Water Comprehensive Plan, the 18th & Kellogg Reservoir storage required to meet current demands is less than the existing 10 million gallons that exists today. The City has hired HDR Engineering to perform a 30% design for a replacement reservoir. This new reservoir will have a smaller footprint as well as less storage volume designed to meet near term demand conditions and will likely be mostly buried, as the water elevations must remain consistent with the current reservoir/ system design. The new reservoir will be located immediately east of the existing reservoir and will require utilization of City owned property currently used by the Creekstone development as open park space. The amount of additional space needed will be minimized to ensure minimal impacts to the open space area.

The long-term plan includes building a 2nd reservoir when water demands increase to a level triggering the need. The 2nd future reservoir will likely be constructed in the same location as the existing 10 million gallon reservoir with a reduced footprint and storage volume. The total combined storage volume of both reservoirs will be designed to meet the demands at a future ultimate buildout condition.

This project will also include the construction of a new 2nd pumping station designed to transfer water further west to an existing reservoir south of Hansen Park. The new pump station will also require construction of additional transmission main to convey the water west. The alignment for this new transmission main has yet to be determined.


This project is currently out for bid. Please see our Bid Opportunities page for more information.

Last updated 1/16/20