Miscellaneous Storm & Water (P1913-19)

Project Description

This project includes, but is not limited to, construction of the following: Installing approximately 78 lineal feet of 24-inch diameter ductile iron pipe for a new ditch culvert crossing, removing and backfilling an existing 24-inch cmp culvert, ditch grading and lining with rip rap near the intersection of W. 27th Avenue and S. Cascade Street. Installing and abandoning a 8-inch water line crossing on S. Cascade Street. Asphalt patching and gravel shoulder restoration work will consist of the removal and disposal of the existing asphalt, top course surface preparation, paving with new asphalt, placing and compacting 5/8-inch minus rock. Additionally work will include furnishing all labor, tools, materials, and equipment required for completion of the improvements as may be necessary in accordance with the specifications, drawings, contract documents, and conditions listed in the Specifications, Contract Plans, and Contract documents.

Important Dates

Start Date:
May 2019
Estimated End Date:
Beginning of June
W. 27th Ave. & S. Cascade St.
Estimated Cost:



Installation of water line connection has been completed.

Last updated 5/30/2019