W. 10th Ave Widening (P1714-19)

Project Description

This contract is for the improvement to widen the southside of 10th Avenue to complete a 3-lane road, with bike lanes, curb, gutter,sidewalk, storm drainage, illumination and HMA Overlay. The existing roadwaywidth is approximately 23-feet and the existing right of way is 80-feet wide.The improvement on W. 10th Ave involves widening the street to a width of44-feet between curbs to include a two-way left turn lane. This is the samestreet section that was previously improved east of the roundabout at S.Steptoe St. and W. 10th Ave. The project will include curb, gutter, separatedsidewalks, storm drainage manholes, storm drainage catch basins, street lights,sewer manholes and pipe, irrigation and landscaping.

Important Dates

Start Date:
January 2020
Estimated End Date:
October 2020
Funding Source:
Federal STP
Estimated Cost:

Project Contacts



Construction is finishing up.

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Last updated 9/17/2020