18th & Kellogg Reservoir Replacement (P1810-19)

Project Description

This Capital Improvement Project involves; a new access road to the site, relocation of two transmission mains across the site, construction of a new 6 million gallon concrete reservoir, installation of a new 30-inch inlet/outlet pipeline, construction of a new pumping station, an onsite overflow detention basin, demolition of both existing reservoirs and finally re-landscaping of areas impacted on the park site.P1810 Site Plan

Important Dates

Start Date:March 23, 2020
Estimated End Date:
July 13, 2022
Funding Source:
Utility bonds
Estimated Cost:

Project Contacts

P1810-19 contacts


Working on installing pump vaults and piping.

Click here to view the site plan and a perspective sheet!

Last updated 9/17/2020